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Y5 Vixen Tor

Welcome to Vixen Tor!



Our topic for Spring Term Two is:


  Out of This World - Space Exploration





  Text focus is 'Holes' by Louis Sachar


There is a production of 'Holes' in The Lyric, The Theatre Royal, Plymouth from 17th - 21st March 2020.

Year 5 Bikeability Meeting

When?  Wednesday, 12th February

Where?   Staffroom

What time?   At 3.30 p.m.

How long for?   30 minutes

Can the children come?   Yes  



Monday, 10th February 2020


Thought for the week:

"You're all special in your own way.  You've all got something to offer  You have to think about what you want to do.  Then do it."




  1. Read every evening and record it in my reading diary.
  2. Travel Tracker design a badge (optional).
  3. Complete my spelling tasks or make up a new spelling game to help me learn my spelling words.
  4. Topic task linked to our Space project after half term (see separate sheet).




Weekly Spellings 


evidence diligence patience confidence
obedience evident diligent patient
confident obedient    


Awards and Nominations for Monday, 20th January 2020:


Progress Award:  Joshua

Courtesy Award:  Darcie

Math's Award:  

Bookworm Award:  

Spelling Award:  



A good start to the Autumn term - Vixen Tor have achieved 100% Attendance Award.