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The School Day

Doors to classrooms are open for all pupils at 8:40am.

The end of the day is currently:
15:15 for Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 classes 
15:20 for Year 3 - Year 6 classes inclusive.


Registration is from 8.45am to 8.55am


Morning Play is at 10.30 -10.45 am for all children 


Our EYFS children and the Year 1 classes use the playground at the bottom the school,
opposite the front entrance (although their breaks may be at differing times).
The Year 2 playground is in the middle of the school adjacent to the school field.
Year 3 and 4 children share another playground with the Y5 & 6 children on another playground at the top of the school use the same playground.

Lunchtimes start at 12.15pm for the Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 classes
KS2 children (Years 3 - 6) begin lunch at 12.15pm.

Afternoon Lessons resume at 1.15pm for all children and conclude at 3.15pm for EYFS/Year1/2 and 3.20pm for KS2 children.

Parents are welcome at the end of the school day into the playground. This helps us to build up a close relationship between school and home – we want to engage positively with all parents and carers. 

If you are going to be late collecting your child or alternative arrangements have been made please inform the school so we are aware, which will help to avoid confusion.

Parking is very limited around the school, we are situated in a residential area so please park wisely, consider our residents and the lawful parking restrictions which are enforced by our local constabulary.