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Curriculum Statement

We have developed a curriculum which is comprehensive, where children learn through exploration, has a clear process of learning with specific learning goals for every National Curriculum subject taught.

Our curriculum sets out clear progression and application of skills across all areas. We aim to ensure pupils are independent, curious and confident citizens of the future.


Our curriculum drives progress through a rigorous knowledge base and a promotion of real-life learning experiences. We have considered the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to achieve academic excellence and be well prepared for the future. We have a rigorous, coherent and carefully sequenced curriculum, which builds on what has come before. Our curriculum is centred around evidence on how pupils learn and retain knowledge best in the long term – focusing in particular on research from cognitive science.


What do we intend for pupils to learn? Subject leaders set out this detail meticulously, drawing on their own subject knowledge, the National Curriculum and experience of what is necessary to excel in their subject.

How do we implement our curricular intentions? Through our knowledge organisers, lessons, resources and assessment measures that have been developed for each subject and year group. Finally, we emphasise the importance of the enacted curriculum, where our skilled teachers bring all of this knowledge to life in a way that will be meaningful and exciting for the pupils.


How do we measure Impact? We regularly review and revisit learning to ensure that the children are making progress in all their subjects. Progress and attainment are measured at agreed points throughout the year in addition to regular low threat high challenge quizzes to enable children to feel the success of their learning progress. ROCKS assessments are used to help children recall and remember and articulate their learning over time. Personal wellbeing and development is key a driver to successful learning outcomes and we regularly assess children’s personal progress through daily wellbeing check-ins and pupil voice discussion.


We expect learning to have context, with rich learning opportunities that link to and build upon previous learning to enable children to develop transferable knowledge and skills. We maximise learning by carefully ‘connecting’ our curriculum together so that subjects within a theme connect wherever possible. Our curriculum makes sense - everything has a purpose. It also takes full advantage of our locality and in selecting our areas of study, we consider our local area; what it is now and what it has been through history and how our city and its surroundings have been shaped over time.


It is our aim to provide a curriculum offer that:

  • enables children to make great progress
  • provides equal opportunities for all learners
  • engages, motivates and develops curious children
  • creates responsible citizens
  • prepares children for the digital world
  • promotes a healthy lifestyle

Learning Habits

We know that children learn best when they feel good about themselves and the environment they are learning within. Great learning takes place when children are given opportunities to understand and develop themselves as a learner. Through our learning and teaching process at Widey Court, we aim to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, whilst ensuring children understand themselves as learners and are explicitly aware of how they can go about their learning.

There are 4 elements that influence our approach to learning and teaching at Widey Court.




Manage Distractions

Enjoy challenge

Notice details



Make connections







Listen actively

Learn from others

Ponder alone


Think ahead

Distil what they know

Review and revise

Stay open minded

Know how they learn


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Whole School Curriculum Map 2022-2023