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Curriculum Statement

At Widey Court, we aim to develop well-rounded children, where learning experiences are constructed through a rich and varied curriculum offer. We have used the National Curriculums (EYFS and NC2014) as a spring board to generate ideas for which topics, knowledge and skills will be covered within each year group. Our curriculum  complies with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014, ensuring that the curriculum is accessible for those children with disabilities or special educational needs (the SEND Policy can be found under the SEND heading in the drop down menu). 


It is our aim to provide a curriculum offer that:

  • enables children to make great progress
  • provides equal opportunities for all learners
  • engages, motivates and develops curious children
  • creates responsible citizens
  • prepares children for the digital world
  • promotes a healthy lifestyle

Learning Habits

We know that children learn best when they feel good about themselves and the environment they are learning within. Great learning takes place when children are given opportunities to understand and develop themselves as a learner. Through our learning and teaching process at Widey Court, we aim to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, whilst ensuring children understand themselves as learners and are explicitly aware of how they can go about their learning.

There are 4 elements that influence our approach to learning and teaching at Widey Court.




Manage Distractions

Enjoy challenge

Notice details



Make connections







Listen actively

Learn from others

Ponder alone


Think ahead

Distil what they know

Review and revise

Stay open minded

Know how they learn


To find out more about our curriculum please click on the year group links at the bottom of this page.


Please feel free to email your child's class teacher if you have any questions.

Email addresses can be found on the class pages.


Whole School Curriculum Map 2022-2023