Our approach to primary education

We combine core academic skills with creative and physical development, preparing our students not just for tests, but for life.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to cover all key learning areas, fostering intellectual curiosity and a deep understanding of subjects, setting our students on a path to academic excellence.

Innovative Learning Methods

We embrace innovative teaching methods and technology, making learning interactive and fun. This approach helps in nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving skills among our pupils.

Strong Community Involvement

Our school thrives on strong community involvement, encouraging parental engagement and local community partnerships, which enriches our students' educational experience and fosters a sense of belonging and social responsibility.

Widey Court EYFS Classroom

Learning at Widey Court

We focus not only on academic success but also on the personal, social, and emotional development of each child. Our aim is to create a nurturing environment where every child feels valued and inspired to achieve their full potential.

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Frequently asked questions

What subjects are taught in primary school?

Please refer to our Curriculum pages which outline the National Curriculum core and foundation subjects that are taught in Primary School.

For MFL at Widey Court, we teach French in KS2.

Do you need something else?

If there’s something else you need to know or would like to discuss, please let us know and we’d be glad to help.

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