A shared vision

Whether they play their part in teaching, management, administration or caretaking, every member of our staff at Widey Court is valued – and we prioritise working in harmony for the benefit of our school.

A talented team

We’re proud of the contribution made my members of staff across Widey Court. Our staff each bring a unique skill set and devote their time and passion to making Widey Court a wonderful place of learning for our pupils.

Widey Court Primary School Teacher and Pupil

Professional development

As such an essential asset driving the success of our school, our staff deserve to be given every opportunity themselves to flourish and succeed. That’s why we ensure that we invest well in extensive ongoing training and development.

Widey Court EYFS Classroom

Strong Morale

We were pleased that in their latest report, Ofsted noted Widey Court’s ‘united workforce’ and remarked that ‘staff morale is high’. Led by an active and caring leadership, we’re proud to be a school where our positivity and enthusiasm are evident for all to see.

Widey Court Pupil in Classroom

The children are all so lovely and the teachers have been very welcoming. I am in admiration of everything they have to do!

School Reader Volunteer

Christmas in my industry is where people are clinging on for dear life, just looking forward to the turkey. Teachers seem to step into the next gear! You and your staff seem to be at every school play, Christmas carol concert and choir event. If the event itself is not out of hours, and most seem to be, then I am sure the endless planning certainly was. As a parent I have loved each event I have been to and they are super uplifting but it is plain to see all the hard work that goes in. Thanks to everyone at Widey, as a parent and as a governor, it is very much appreciated.

Parent and New Governor

Being a part of Widey Court Primary School is so wholesome & rewarding; it really is like having an extended family. Everybody is so friendly, warm & caring, & I go home every day with a full heart.

Staff member and ex-parent

Being a recent ‘newbie’ to the Widey team was the best decision ever made, as I feel like I have been accepted into a warm, kind and caring family. The environment when you enter the school is something you can’t explain; it’s like magic!

New Teacher

I have been a part of Widey Court since my very first year of teaching. With Widey being a large school, the opportunities for professional development are fantastic. Everyone is so helpful and supportive!

EYFS Phase Leader
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