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Welcome to Shark Class!


In Shark Class we love learning and finding out new things.

We think it is important to respect, support and look after each other. 

In shark class we work to develop a positive mindset and understand that we learn from mistakes,

persevere and enjoy a challenge



Picture 1 Mrs Marshall
Picture 2 Mrs Stockwell

Mrs Marshall is the class teacher and Mrs Stockwell is the Teaching Assistant. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Phillips on a Monday and Miss Newton (PGCE student) for the Summer term. 


Key dates


Summer Term 1  Summer Term 2 
Tuesday 23rd April - Start of Summer Term 1 Monday 3rd June - Start of Summer Term 2
Friday 3rd May - Year Two India Day Week Beginning 10th June - Phonic Screening Checks
Monday 6th May - Year Two SATs week Tuesday 18th June - KS1 Sports Day
Monday 20th May - Year Two SATs week Saturday 22nd June - PTFA Summer Fair
Friday 24th May - End of Summer Term 1 (3:15 finish as normal) Friday 5th July - KS1 Reserve Sports Day
  Friday 12th July - Annual Reports sent home
  Friday 19th July - end of Summer Term 2 (1:30 finish)



Summer Term  -  What a Journey!





This term, in our topic learning, we will be exploring Plymouth and looking at where it is in the world. The children will learn about the human and physical features and create a simple map with a key. We will then compare Plymouth to India and talk about the similarities and differences. The children will learn about different landmarks, weather and population. In our art lessons, the children will learn about the different ways art is used in India and there will be time to pracitse some of these skills to create our own rangoli patterns.

In our RE learning, we will continue to look at Christianty and learn about the important signs and symbols. We will explore what these means to Christians which will help us to rememeber about significant beliefs

In Computing, we will be learning that stories can be represented in different ways including presentations, eBook and audio books. This will be based on the traditional tales that they have learnt. 



This term, our English work will be based on the Disney's 'Jungle Book' to help us to develop our reading comprehension and our Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar skills.  We will look closely at word types (nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives), apostrophes for contractions and for possession as well as revising what we already know about punctutation. Our reading comprehension skills will include, inference, sequencing and understanding vocabulary. We will look carefully at different question styles and talk about the best way to answer them.  

Remember, you can log into Bug Club at home to help you with your reading and comprehension skills.


The children will continue to increase their ability to recall all their number bonds for 10, 20 and 100 and their times tables. The children will develop their understanding of addition and subtraction and use their reasoning skills

to solve problems. They will regularly practice their mathematical skills so that they can become efficient at solving mental problems. We will learn about fractions and learn to find 1/2, 1/4, 2/4 and 1/3 of a shape, amount and measurement. We will also have more of a focus on time. We will revise telling the time at o'clock and half past and will also learn to read the time at quarter past, quarter to and to the nearest five minutes.

You can log in to 'My Maths' at home to keep practising those important maths skills.

We really enjoyed the first English lesson of the 'Jungle Book'. We didn't know what we were learning about so we had to go on a trail. We made predictions along the way as we stopped to explore the clues! We found close up of animals, quotes, a trail of mess, a pile of small rocks and sounds from the jungle. We finally ended up in the woods where we found the 'Jungle Book'. We were all VERY excited.
Picture 1 We're hunting for the clues....

Practising column subtraction with bridging...

We enjoy celebrating our success every week with different awards.smileyno
We have enjoyed learning about newspapers in our English learning. So far we have learnt what they are, who writes and reads them and what there features are. This will help us when we come to writing our own newspaper articles about The Great Fire of London.

Creating our fire pictures using our knowledge of colour mixing and tone.

We have enjoyed singing London's Burning in a round, have a listen!

Still image for this video