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Governor's Awards

After our very first Governors's awards presentation last year, it is time for the nominations to begin again!


The deadline for nominations is June.


The Awards will be presented by Governors to the children at school in July


The Governor Awards are very special because it is where the children decide the recipients.


Last year we enjoyed reading the 81 nominations which were inspirational and made us feel very proud of the great role models at our school.


Here is a selection of the wonderful comments made by the nominees' friends:


  • asks if I want to play and plays with me when I am lonely
  • always listens and never gives up
  • challenges herself
  • Kind all the time
  • very funny
  • sensible
  • respects other people
  • excellent role model
  • never says no
  • puts others before herself
  • kind
  • gets the most out of a day
  • impeccable manners
  • likes to laugh
  • great ambassador
  • a superstarknows when to laugh and when to be serious
  • does charity work


We look forward to reading the nominations for the coming year.