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Barton Hall Residentials

How exciting!


We are going to Barton Hall this term! Between the 7th-10th July 2023, 74 Year 4 children will be heading off to Barton Hall for a big adventure with their friends and teachers. 


Final updates...



The children will be allowed to bring a maximum of £10 in cash to spend in the shop (no Go Henry cards or equivalent please). We have set the spending limit to £10 in the shop and they will not allow children to spend any more at the till. The children will be allowed to spend up to £2.50 on one ice-lolly or ice-cream from the shop when we get our allocated shop time- one visit over the weekend. The children are responsible for looking after their money in their bag. There are no other opportunities to spend money on the trip.



We are going to continue with our Widey treat box: allowing families to send in a small treat to go into a communal Widey treat box: sweets- small treat bags , biscuits, small cakes, individually packaged crisps etc… that will go into a ‘tuck shop box’. Please do not send more than one pack of treats as we will end up with too much to use. At times, throughout the trip, children will have the opportunity to help themselves to a snack from the box as a treat. Please be aware that your child might not get the snack they have brought. Children with dietary needs and allergies will be monitored carefully and supported to find appropriate treats. Children are not allowed any food in their rooms as these invite insects and we have a strict no food in rooms policy. All treats will need to be handed in to the Widey treat box on arrival to school on Friday 7th to avoid the upset of insects in rooms whilst on our trip.



Children will need to bring a refillable water bottle with them that they will be able to top up regularly between meals and take to activities with them. Please make sure this is a metal or plastic bottle and not a glass bottle. Please name your child’s bottle to avoid upset or confusion.


We have been given a provisional timetable(confirmed on arrival) and we are all likely to be swimming and having a disco during our trip.


Please can all children have a swimming costume and a spare towel for water based activities which are likely to include swimming.


Disco- we are likely to have a disco on one of the evenings - please bring suitable clothes for dancing challenges and fun- no make up or heeled shoes please. 



Reminder-please can we request that all parents say goodbye to their children on Friday morning when they drop off their children to school . We politely request that you do not ask the office when we leave or come to wave off the coach to avoid unnecessary upset for children who are excited and ready to go on their adventure with their friends.

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PGL kit list (Remember we have bedding included in our trip- no pillows or sleeping bags)

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75 Year 4 children had a great time in the sunshine. Please enjoy looking through some of our photos from our trip.

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