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Autumn 1- How do animals survive and thrive?

Autumn 2- How has Crownhill changed since the 1950s?


Spring 1- What human and physical features can we find in our environment?

Spring 2-Why was 16th July 1969 such an important day? 


Summer 1- How do we keep plants alive?  

Summer 2- What are the similarities and differences between Plymouth Sound and The Great Barrier Reef, Cairns?

Breakfast Club and After School Club 


Year 2 share a Breakfast Club with Year 1 and have their own After School Club until 5pm when they combine with other Year groups. Here are the details for Year 2 Breakfast Club and After School Club at present. 


Breakfast Club 

Location - Willow Class 

Staff - Mrs Wiffen 


After School Club 

Location - Seal Class 

Staff - Mrs Matthews 

Year 2 Information

  • Reading books- Children are expected to read daily.  If children are on Accelerated Reader then they can quiz and change their book everyday except Wednesday.  The quiz will check the children's comprehension of what they have read, so we ask that they read their book at least twice before quizzing. If children are working on the ELS phonics then their reading books will be changed once a week in line with the scheme.
  • PE- PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays. Children should come into school wearing their school PE kit. Trainers should have Velcro until your child can tie their own shoelaces.
  • Library- Children visit the school library on Wednesdays. They will bring a book home, these books are to share and enjoy rather than the children to read by themselves. Please ensure children return their book every Wednesday so that they can choose a new book.
  • Spellings- Spelling quizzes take place on Monday, please see the homework section of the website for the weekly words, or check inside your child's homework book. Year 2 | Widey Court Primary School 
  • Homework- Homework is set weekly, please check your child's homework book weekly. Year 2 | Widey Court Primary School