Connect Academy Trust Covid-19 Notice to all Visitors and Suppliers

Our schools are minimising the number of visitors they receive, as well as the amount of time visitors spend on the school premises, during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. This will help to minimise group mixing and make it easier to maintain social distancing in school.

We expect all visitors to: 1. only visit the school premises if absolutely necessary. Please phone instead, request a call or request an online meeting if possible. 2. not enter the premises if you or any members of your household have symptoms of coronavirus. 3. clean your hands with alcohol gel (provided) when you enter and leave the building. 4. follow the same procedures as those in place for staff, ie social distancing (2m), avoid touching surfaces and do not enter areas of the school without the permission of staff.

Thank you for your support in keeping our pupils, staff and families safe.

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School Houses

Widey Court has been many other forms during its long history. Widey dates back to the Doomsday Book and derives its name from the withy beds that used to grow on the original site. Its main claim to fame is that Charles I stayed there during the Civil War, issuing a proclamation for Plymouth to surrender to him, with his nephew Prince Maurice commanding his troops. Part of the house (the ballroom) was used as a makeshift hospital ward for Royalist casualties during the Siege of Plymouth and the Battle of Freedom Fields.

The main building today was where the Manor House stood and the badge of the school represents the three original trees from the Civil War period and the Crown depicts King Charles I. The school’s name (Widey Court) was bestowed by Charles I to signify that the Royal Court had been located there, and a thank you to the Heales – who owned the Manor House. 

The school today takes their house names from this historical story.

Every child is settled into one of the houses  when they are first enrolled

Each house has a colour assigned to it and the children wear the designated coloured tee-shirt for games and P.E lessons.


                                                                              Heale        Red

                                                                             Charles     Green

                                                                             Widey       Yellow

                                                                             Maurice     Blue


Points can be earned by the children when they demonstrate the Widey values of:









The points are totalled at the end of each week and relayed during assembly to the whole school . The winning house has a leaf placed on their named tree, the most leaves at the end of the term is the winning house.