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Welcome to Widey Court Primary School.


On behalf of the Local Governing Body, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school and provide you with an insight into the role of our Governing Body.


As Governors we are proud of the caring and nurturing environment that exists at our school.  Our aim, working in partnership with the Head Teacher, the Senior Leadership Team and you, is to provide the very best opportunities for learning and development that we can for all children at Widey Court.  


Our main responsibilities include ensuring that legal obligations are met, determining the aims for the school and monitoring and evaluating how effectively the school is working towards achieving them, confirming that the Head Teacher is operating the school effectively and continuously seeking school improvement and that the public money provided to finance the school is used prudently.


Although the day-to-day management of the school is delegated to the Head Teacher, Governors involve themselves as much as possible in the life of the school and take opportunities to see first-hand how the children are educated. The views of parents are important to us, so we want to know what parents and carers may feel are the strengths or areas for development of the school and of any ideas for possible improvement. Often there will be at least one Governor at school functions who will be delighted to hear the views of parents and carers. In addition, the Governing Body can be contacted by writing to me (please mark the envelope as confidential for the Chair of Governors) via the school office or, if preferred, by email to


One of the duties of the Governing Body is to initiate and review the policies that govern every aspect of the school’s operation. These are prepared by the Head Teacher and approved after review by the Full Governing Body. These policies are available on the school website or can be provided upon request from the school office. 

We volunteer our services as Governors because we care for our school and want it to provide the best possible education in a safe and supportive environment for every child that joins us. 


Looking to the future, we need to remain focused on continuous improvement at our school and with the support of the staff, parents, carers and Governors I am confident that we will achieve this.


Jonathan Thomas


Chair of the Local Governing Body


All our website information is available free of charge as a paper copy on request to the admin desk.