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Y4 Otter

Welcome to Otter class.


I'm Mr Symonds and I'm the class teacher in Otter class. 


Mrs Omlo is our Teaching Assistant and HLTA in the class.


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Otter Class - Teacher and Teaching Assistants

Year 4 Meet the Teacher (For parents)

Please  look through our 'Welcome to Year 4' Power Point to find out more information about the year. Should you need any more information please contact Mr Symonds or one of the Year 4 team. 

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You can contact me via email


I will aim to reply to emails within 48 hours between the times of 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday during term time.

Topics 2023-2024: As we develop our curriculum, each topic will be given a question for us to answer as part of our class research. 

Autumn 1 – Where would you choose to visit on Dartmoor?​

Autumn 2 – Who was the most memorable Egyptian Pharaoh?​

Spring 1 & 2 – What lasting impact did the Romans leave on Britain?​

Summer 1 – What is the mystery of the abandoned Maya cities? ​

Summer 2 – Why is chocolate a gift from the Gods?