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Y3 Heron

Welcome to Year 3



The Year Leader for Year 3 is Mrs Jutson.

The teachers are: Miss Griffiths (Heron Class), Mrs Jutson (Buzzard Class) and Miss Ireland (Skylark Class)

The teaching assistants are Mrs Crow, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Coles and Mrs Spencer.

Ye       Year 3 presents new challenges so here are some important pieces of information to help you and your child to settle in.

We ar        We  are very excited about our two topics. The overview sheet will show what we will be covering in our first topic over the coming weeks.

Please feel free to share this with your child at home.


Plymouth in the Blitz!




We have already started to look at the book ‘My Secret War Diary’ by Marcia Williams during our transition afternoons, therefore we will continue to use this book to create a scrap-book style diary of our own based on World War II.  Later in the term, we will be writing evacuee letters in the style of a recount and we shall be sharing them with other classes in our school.

Support for Spelling

The children will be consolidating understanding of adding suffixes, learning to spell regular verb endings and irregular tense changes. We will be using a range of activities to support the children in learning to read and spell the Year 3&4 common exception words and homophones.


The children will understand how to use conjunctions, verbs (particularly the present perfect form) and adverbs to make their writing more interesting.



The children will be counting in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100 from 0 and will be asked to find 10/100 more and less than a given number. They will learn to compare and order numbers and identify, represent and estimate numbers to 1000. There will be opportunities for them to solve number problems and use reasoning strategies to answer a range of challenges.   We will also continue to practise the times tables learned in Year 2 and extend this to learning the 4x and 8x tables.




Picture 1

I can recognise, represent and estimate.

Skip 2B Fit 17.9.19

Autumn Term 1 Key Dates 

Autumn Term begins: 4.9.19

Meet the teacher-Buzzard:10.9.19 3:30pm

Meet the teacher-Heron and Skylark: 11.9.19 3:30pm

Bounty Project Launch Day: 23.9.19

Harvest Festival Assembly: 4.10.19

Half Term begins: 18.10.19