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Y3 Heron

Welcome to Year 3



The Year Leader for Year 3 is Miss Griffiths.

The teachers are: Miss Griffiths (Heron Class), Mr Frost (Buzzard Class) and Mrs Thomas (Skylark Class)

The SEN Teaching Assistants are Miss Williams, Mrs Allen, Mrs Hard and Mrs Lambourne.  

The Teaching Assistants are Mrs Burt, Mrs Rickard and Mrs Meredith.


Autumn 1 When would you rather have lived – in the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age?



Autumn 2 How does the ocean shape features of our Earth?

Cross Curricular Ocean Rocks Science


Spring 1 Why are plants so important to us?



Spring 2 How does the Ocean support life on Earth?

Geography / Science


Summer How has the Ancient Greek civilisation impacted upon our lives today?


Deep Dive Ocean Curriculum – phytoplankton with World Ocean Day June



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