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Y6 Saltram

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to our Year 6 team and to Buckland, Saltram and Cotehele classes.


Teachers: Mrs Jones, Mrs Court, Mr Gribble and Mr Roberts


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Goldney, Mrs Zessimides, Mrs Bridges


Individual support: Mrs Everson, Mrs Cracknell


Volunteers: Mrs Ffoulkes

Autumn Term 2017


Our topic this term is: Raging Rivers and Monumental Mountains


We will be linking a lot of our learning to the 7 continents and the seven highest mountains and longest rivers on each of these continents. We will have a visitor in to talk to us about his mountaineering experiences and the need for resilience and perseverance in order to succeed.


We will also be embarking on our own personal journeys as we take part in a range of activities on our Nethercott Farm residential or during Community Week.

In addition to this, we know that the children are spending time carefully selecting the correct secondary schools for themselves and their family. On average, at Widey, we send children to 18 different secondary schools in and around Plymouth. We encourage the children and their families to look around secondary schools this term before applying by the deadline of: Tuesday 31st October 2017. Email or call 01752 307469 for further information about choosing and applying for schools. School admissions staff are available from 11am to 3pm.


Key concepts being taught this term:


Literacy-Non-chronological reports, Recounts, Biographies, Stories, and Poetry.


Numeracy – Place Value, The Four Operations (+ - x ÷), fractions, decimals & percentages and area & perimeter.


Science-Living things and their habitats- classifying animals according to their features and explaining how scientists group animals. Evolution and inheritance (Linked to our visit to the Eden project) Looking at scientists: Carl Linnaeus and Charles Darwin.


Computing- Word processing and presentation skills. Retrieving and comprehension of information- checking for accuracy, summarizing a text and retrieving key information.


Music- A rivers Tale- singing in groups, learning how songs are built up and are used to create mood and feelings.


Art- The rainforest- follow up work from The Eden project.


Design Technology- Forest school sculptures, the rainforest- follow up work from The Eden project.


Geography- Longitude and latitude- using atlases and digital maps to locate continents and countries. Using geographical terms for invisible lines on Earth- Equator, Tropic of Capricon etc.. Time zones around the world.


P.E and Games – Football


R.E./ PSHE- ‘The Big Question’ Christianity and Islam


Our P.E. days are on Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure that full kits are in on these days.


Homework is given out on Wednesdays and due in on Monday the following week.


Spellings are given out on Mondays and tested on Friday.