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Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Brentor!


Our topic Summer Term 1 is:  The Sir David Attenborough Experience

Our topic Summer Term 2 is:  The Ancient Egyptians



Monday,20th May 2019


Thought for the week:                                                                                                            

"I'm luckier than my grandfather who did not move more than five miles from where he was born."  

                                                                                                              Sir David Attenborough.



  1. Read every evening and record it in my reading diary.
  2. Learn the spelling words (test on Friday) and complete three spelling menu tasks.



Weekly Spellings

Group 1 - Everyone will have Group 1 spellings this week.


inactive incredible invisible impolite
immature impossible irresponsible irregular
irrelevant impression imprisoned industry
included index investigate  



Group 2 - There are no Group 2 spellings this week.




Awards and Nominations for Tuesday, 7th May 2019:

Progress Award:  Emily

Courtesy Award:  Hamish  

Math's Award:  

Bookworm Award:  

Spelling Award: