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Curriculum Overview

Our topic this term is: 

The 'Great Fire Fiasco'

In Seal class, every week we celebrate Behaviour Cup Nomination, Sparky Learner and Reader of the Week. Our saying is “They’re all our winners!”


In maths this term we are looking at multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting. By using our concrete, visual and abstract strategies, the children will be actively involved in finding solutions to mathematical problems which help to improve their fluency and develop greater depth of understanding.

The writing outcome has been inspired by newspapers, with children being required to gather factual information which enables them to create a report on the events of the Great Fire of London which includes consistent use of past tense, chronology, time  conjunctions, words containing suffixes and even some indirect speech. The children will then be learning about poetry styles; using the Great Fire as a stimulus to create their own poems using descriptive different language techniques.

Our reading focus is firmly based around both accurate decoding and sound comprehension of what is being read. By consolidating the 5 mega skills of reading, the children will practice and develop their ability to interact and interrogate texts - giving them a sound understanding of a variety of text genres. 

Here are just some of the class activities undertaken in Seal class.

Picture 1 Our School Council reps – sharing some news
Picture 2 A quick bit of GoNoodle
Picture 3 Sorting animals into groups