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Y6 Cotehele

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to our Year 6 team and to Buckland, Saltram and Cotehele classes.


Teachers: Mrs Jones, Mrs Court, Mr Gribble and Mr Roberts


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Goldney, Mrs Zessimides, Mrs Bridges


Individual support: Mrs Everson, Mrs Cracknell


Volunteers: Mrs Ffoulkes

Spring Term 2018


Our topic this term is: Radical Royals and Monumental Monarchs


We will be linking a lot of our learning to the British Monarchs from 1066. We will be learning about key historical figures and events during the reign of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.  We will be taking a trip to the Royal Albert Bridge and meeting Isambard Kingdom Brunel who will talk to us about his life and show us some of his amazing designs.  


We will also be embarking on our own personal journeys as we look to develop our SATs busting skills, while we revise and consolidate our learning in KS2.


Key concepts being taught this term:


Literacy- persuasive writing, discussion texts and instructions.

Numeracy –Comparing and simplifying fractions, equivalence, add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions (by whole numbers). Problem-solving using decimals and percentages. 

Geometry and Measures: Children will have practical opportunities to use a range of measures and conversions, including time (12 and 24 hour). They will also be learning to use area and volume formulas for triangles and parallelograms and apply knowledge of shape classification. 

Science-Light and the eye.


History- British monarchs from 1066. The children will learn about key events and key monarchs in British history. The children will be learning about our two longest reigning monarchs: Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II in greater detail. English writing will link to our history topic: creating bills to be passed by Parliament and presenting these to our own House of Parliament and House of Lords, before sending approved bills to The Queen to gain royal assent; writing about the pros and cons of Brunel’s railways and writing instructions to create the best cucumber sandwiches for our Easter celebrations.


Computing- composing music using music software and developing PowerPoint skills.


Music- (linked to computing and PE) Composing and reviewing compositions for a royal event/ ceremony.


Art- Inter-house art competition. An exploration of texture and collage to create a monarchs portrait.


DT- Food technology and hygiene. Creating food for a royal tea party for an Easter treat.


P.E and Games – Tag rugby, team work and strategy games.