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Y6 Cotehele

Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to our Year 6 team and to Buckland, Saltram and Cotehele classes.


Teachers: Mrs Jones, Mrs Court, Mr Gribble and Mr Hibbert


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Goldney, Mrs Zessimides, Mrs Bridges


Individual support: Mrs Everson, Mrs Cracknell


Volunteers: Mrs Ffoulkes


Summer Term 2018





Welcome back to your final term at Widey Court Primary School.
This term we will be completing final preparations for our SATs and moving onto secondary school (To Infinity and Beyond).


We will be continuing our own personal journeys as we look to develop our SATs busting skills, revising and consolidating our learning in KS2 and as we prepare for our futures: leaving primary school and moving onto 16 different secondary schools.


Key concepts being taught this term:


Literacy- instructions, creating invites to the royal wedding, creating top tips for Year 5 coming into Year 6- writing using a range of different genres to create our ‘Primary Times’ leavers book.


Numeracy –Problem-solving using decimals and percentages. Applying maths skills through maths projects and problem solving challenges.

Geometry and Measures: Children will have practical opportunities to use a range of measures and conversions, including time (12 and 24 hour).



Computing- Developing video clips to explain to our parents and future Year 6 children how to grapple with Year 6 activities ‘How to….. ‘


Music- (linked to computing and PE) Composing and reviewing compositions for a royal wedding/ event/ ceremony. Singing and preparation of our talents for our Leavers’ assembly.


Art- Royal wedding designers- fashion, graphic designers and cake designs.


P.E and Games – Rounders, cricket and tennis. Gymnastics.


Year 6 will also be doing their bit for the school community by helping at the Summer Fair.


We are also looking forward to Life Skills at Bull Point and our end of year trip to Woodlands.