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Welcome to Vixen Tor!


Our topic this term is:  Where in the world? - Europe.        






Awards and Nominations for Friday, 13th October


Behaviour Cup: Noah A

Superstar Learner: Willow

Stupendous Speller: Olly B

Monday, 16th October


Thought for the week:


“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."                A A Milne





1.  Read each evening and talk about the book with an adult at home.

2.  Spelling list with menu options.

3.  Complete topic homework by Friday 20th October.


Weekly Spellings

Group 1


certainly definitely possibly perhaps
probably frequently often occasionally
rarely always maybe undoubtedly
potentially unlikely unquestionably  


Group 2


division invasion confusion decision
collision revision television erosion
inclusion explosion