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Welcome to Shark Class!


In Shark Class we love learning and finding out new things.

We think it is important to respect, support and look after each other. 

In shark class we work to develop a positive mindset and understand that we learn from mistakes,

persevere and enjoy a challenge



Picture 1 Mrs Roberts - Monday and Tuesday
Picture 2 Mrs Marshall - Wednesday - Friday
Picture 3 Mrs Stockwell - Class TA

Key dates


Start of Spring Term 1: Monday 7th January

Clubs begin: Monday 14th January

Parents’ Evening week: 28th January – 1st February

Elmer Mufti: Friday 15th February

Half term: 18th – 22nd February

Start of Spring Term 2: Monday 25th February

Seal Class Assembly: Friday 1st March (2.40pm)

World Book Day: Thursday 7th March

Red Nose Day: Friday 15th March

School Photos: Monday 25th March

End of Spring Term 2: Friday 5th April (1.30pm finish)



Spring Term  -  Great Fire Fiasco




Through our topic work we will investigate the events of the Great Fire of London by looking at how life has changed over time, using books and websites. The children will find the location of the Great Fire and understand how it spread. Our Science investigation will include exploring the suitability of different materials. The children will learn a range of songs about the Great Fire of London and learn to sing in rounds. During our DT lessons, the children will be designing and making their own ‘fire engine’ that would have helped put out the fires in the Great Fire of London. The children will also be designing and creating their own house using a variety of materials. In art, the children will be experimenting with tones and printing to create their own painting of a scene from the Great Fire of London.



This term, our English work will be based on the events of the Great Fire of London. The children will be learning about real events through reading a range of information texts and through writing their own newspaper reports and poems. The children will experience writing for different purposes and different audiences. We will focus on segmenting spoken words into phonemes and representing these by graphemes to spell many correctly. They will be evaluating their writing by checking that their writing makes sense, editing for accuracy and improvement and peer-assessing. The children will continue to learn new terminology within grammar sessions, which will focus on sentence types and punctuation and ensure that they use these correctly and consistently through their non-fiction writing. They will also learn to use the past and present tenses correctly and how to add suffixes to spell longer words, including -ment, -ness, -ful, -less, -ly.



The children will be increasing their ability to recall all their number bonds for 10, 20 and 100 and their times tables. The children will develop their understanding of addition and subtraction and use their reasoning skills

to solve problems. They will learn different methods for adding and subtracting, including the use of the number line and the column method. They will regularly practice their mathematical skills so that they can become efficient at solving mental problems.

We enjoy celebrating our success every week with different awards.smileyno
We have enjoyed learning about newspapers in our English learning. So far we have learnt what they are, who writes and reads them and what there features are. This will help us when we come to writing our own newspaper articles about The Great Fire of London.

Creating our fire pictures using our knowledge of colour mixing and tone.

We have enjoyed singing London's Burning in a round, have a listen!

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