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Welcome to Shark Class!


In Shark Class we love learning and finding out new things.

We think it is important to respect, support and look after each other. 

In shark class we work to develop a positive mindset and understand that we learn from mistakes,

persevere and enjoy a challenge



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Picture 1 Mrs Roberts - Monday and Tuesday
Picture 2 Mrs Marshall - Wednesday - Friday
Picture 3 Mrs Stockwell - Class TA

Key dates


Tuesday 4th September  - Autumn Term 1 begins


Monday 17th September  - Meet the Teacher – your chance to pop in to meet your child’s teacher and find out about expectations and learning in Year 2


Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th September - Individual school photos


Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th October -  Parents Evenings


Friday 19th October -  End of half term 1


Tuesday 30th October - Start of half term 2



Our Learning




This term part of our English work will be centred around the texts ‘The Owl Babies’.

This links to our topic of 'Who's Afraid of the Dark?'

The children will be story mapping and innovating ‘The Owl Babies’ so that they can write their own nocturnal animal stories.  We will also focus on using the simple noun phrases and adding conjunctions (so, or, because, and, but).

Later in the term, the children will also be creating a non-chronological report on a nocturnal animal of their choice.

Drawing upon the information from our Science topic and researching a range of texts, the children will chose a range of features to include.




Over this term, the children will revisit and develop their knowledge of the number system by reading, writing, and comparing numbers to 100 and beyond. They will explore patterns in number from counting in 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s and talk about the number patterns they see. They will count forwards and backwards in 10s from any given number. They will use mathematical resources to make mathematical patterns and recognise odd and even numbers. The children will also revisit and develop their knowledge and reasoning of place value.





Who's Afraid of the Dark?


We have received a letter! It was from a new animal sanctuary that need our help to set up their new animal sanctuary.

First we need to sort their new stock deliveries into living, non-living and never been alive. This will make sure everything gets to where it needs to be.

Next we will be researching what animals need to survive to make sure the new animal sanctuary have everything they need to keep the animals happy and healthy.

Third, we will be sorting the new animals into zones such as nocturnal, diurnal, herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. This will group the animals together within the sanctuary.

After that, we need to understand more about what different animals need from their habitats, how they have adapted to these habitats and how this habitat provides for their needs. Do all animals that live in the same habitat have similar needs?

We will then be sending everything we find out back to the animal sanctuary to help them. We are looking forward to finding out lots along the way!


We will be focusing on the scientific enquiry strands of identifying and classifying throughout this unit and the children will also use information texts and the internet to research nocturnal animals and their offspring, life cycles and what animals need to survive.

Picture 1 Great homework for our Topic!