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Autumn Overview 2017

Girls Activities at Notre Dame School

Welcome to Burrator!


Our topic this term is:  Where in the World? - North America

 Awards and Nominations: Friday, 8th December 2017


Behaviour Cup:  Grace

Superstar Learners: Darci

Stupendous Speller:  Kai





Monday, 11th December


Thought for the week:


"I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends."  Abraham Lincoln.





  1. Read one book on Bug Club and record it in your Reading Diary - to be checked on Thursday.
  2. Christmas song words - learn to sing them confidently.
  3. Revisit any spelling words from this term, use a Bug Club game!  (No test on Friday).








North America Day - Friday, 24th November


The children took part in various activities including making 'turkey' rice crispy cakes and clay models of iconic landmarks.  There were also Presidential speeches written and performed by the children and line dancing.  Yee Ha!  Well done to everyone.


Wanted posters for notorius American outlaws.

Artists recreating scenes using Impressionist art.

Clay models of US landmarks.

Weekly Spellings



Group 1


criticise advertise capitalise finalise
equalise fertilise terrorise socialise
vandalise visualise apologise exercise
scandalise liquidise fossilise  




Group 2


submerge subheading submarine subordinate
subway superhuman superman supervise
supersede superpower