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Human-Robot Interaction

The Human-Robot Interaction team at Plymouth University have been investigating how we can use new technology to help children learn.


Previously, they have found that a robot tutor can improve learning when compared to screen-based instruction for maths. James visited Widey Court to explore how different robot behaviour might impact how well children learn. Over 50 children from Year 4 had a 10 minute French lesson from a small robot, where they were taught three simple rules to work out whether to use "le" or "la" for some French nouns.


Some children saw a robot which talked more about itself and had a short chat with them, whereas others saw a robot which concentrated only on the lesson. The children learnt a significant amount regardless of which robot they saw, and they also remembered just as much a week later as well! This research was carried out as part of the DREAM project, which you can read more about here: