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Home Learning 


During this term we have completed Phase 3 Phonics. We have attached the sound mats for     digraphs, trigraphs and tricky words.

We would like you to work with your child on the following:

  •  Read and write tricky words.
  •  Read and write digraphs and trigraphs.
  •  Read and write sentences including tricky words, digraphs or trigraphs.

Steps to success for practising Phase 3 sounds:

1. Choose a sound.

2. Look on YouTube for the jolly phonics song to match. (link attached below)

3. Think of words with this sound in.

4. Practising reading or writing words with the sound.

  1.      Can they write a sentence including that word?


Number—We would like children to practise recognising, ordering and writing numbers to 20. There are number cards attached to help your children with this.

Shape— We have covered 2D and 3D shape this week. Please support your child with continuing to practise learning the shape names and describing them using appropriate mathematical        vocabulary:

2D - sides, corners, flat

3D - corners, faces, edges, solid

We have attached a shape sheet to help your child with this.


During Summer 1, we will be looking at the Seaside. We would like your child to pick a book about the sea or the seaside (you can find stories on YouTube if you do not have one at home).

We have some activities they can complete at home:

  •  Retelling the story.
  •  Drawing a picture about their favourite part and writing about it.
  •  Make puppets of the characters.
  •  Write a story book.
  •  Decorate a box to put items in and bring to school.
  •  Draw a storyboard to retell.


Further links for home learning

Scholastic Learn at Home provides 20 days’ worth of active learning journeys designed to reinforce and sustain educational opportunities for those students who are unable to attend school.

Sign up for the free resources offered on Twinkl, while children are having to stay at home. There will be lots of useful phonics activities on this site.

Sign up for 2 weeks free yoga. You can also find these on You Tube 5 minute work ours for children to complete at home.


We would like any home learning that is completed to be uploaded onto Tapestry. We will do our best to respond if you have any further questions or suggestions.


We are enjoying our brand new outdoor area!

We are enjoying our brand new outdoor area! 1

Have a look at our classroom!

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Our Spring topics are:

1."The World Of Julia Donaldson" .

2. "Lets grow with Supertato" by Susan Hendra