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Welcome to Widey Court Primary School PTFA


(Parents, Teachers & Friends Association)


The main aim of the PTFA is to fundraise and help bridge the gap between what the school can afford and the little extras which it would like. It also aims to strengthen the School Community feeling through the staging of the events held. Being on the Committee involves attending meetings, discussing events and requests for funding, and voting when the need arises.  


Committee members are also hands-on during the preparation and running of events. We have a Support Network surrounding the PTFA Committee which is very similar to the Committee itself in terms of helping but is probably more suited to people who might struggle to make regular meetings, they are however more than welcome to attend when they can but would not be able to take part in any possible voting.


Meetings are usually held approximately once every half-term at 5.30pm on a weekday and last between an hour and an hour-and-a-half.  Most of us have young children and understand that from time-to-time you might need to bring them along, this isn’t a problem.


We usually hold a variety of events throughout the year including the Christmas and Summer Fayres, the Halloween and Fancy Dress Discos, an Adults Only Quiz Night, an Easter Egg Trail, Movie in a Onesie Nights, the Year 6 Leavers Barbeque and the Foundation Welcome Barbeque.  We also raise funds through the sale of schoolwear.


We are proud to have contributed towards some very worthwhile projects in recent years including the hall's new hi-tech projector, a range of play equipment, digital cameras, shelters, planters, the annual Year 6 Woodlands trip and the Foundation Welcome Barbeque.


The PTFA Committee and Support Network consists of a great team of people having fun, working together to stage events and enhancing the school community feeling.  We also value and appreciate the contributions of the staff, children, families and supporters of the school who are right there behind us and make it all worthwhile.  Thank you all!!