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School Council



Welcome to all of our School Council members this term. It has been a great start, with many ideas and suggestions coming in. Well done for being so enthusiastic. 


After a very good session where many very talented children put themselves forward in elections, we now have a strong team in place filling the positions available on our School Council. These children will now efficiently and effectively run your meetings.


The positions filled are:


Chair Person: Bethan

Vice Chair: Grace

Secretary: Lucy

Vice Secretary: Oscar

Smarter Spaces design representatives: TBC



How will we identify School Council members?


We have been discussing this for a few weeks and we have looked at examples from other schools and discussed the pros and cons of each. 


We have heard many ideas and thank James in Year 5 for confidently sharing so many ideas from his class. 


We have discussed a range of options and the benefits and disadvantages of these- looking at how well they would last, practicality, safety and practicality within school.


KS2 School Council Reps have written to Mr Nicholls about why lanyards are our top choice based on our discussions as a group. We had to think about: 


Which colour would be best for Widey?

Should they have anything written on them?

Should they have an image on them?

What features must they have to be safe?


Children in need 2016...


This week Mrs Jutson reminded everyone that Children in Need was approaching quickly and is on the 18th November.


We need your ideas and suggestions to make this year even bigger and better, raising money to support many very good causes for children. 


Which charities will we support this year? 


Which charities do you think we should support this year?


Why are they special to you or our school?