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In September 2015 the governing body elected to reconstitute, in keeping with statutory guidance from the Department for Education. We took this decision as it allowed us to change the numbers and types of governors we have and to appoint more people on the basis of the skills they could bring.


The Governing Body now consists of:The headteacher


  • One elected staff governor
  • Two parent governors
  • Five co-opted governors


The standard term of office for a governor is four years. The chair and vice-chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.


Contact email address:

     Mr A Moore, Chair​​​​​​person

  • Co-opted by governing body as Finance Governor
  • Chair of the Finance Committee
  • Responsibility for Maths, Finance & School Improvement Plan
  • Year group responsibility, Year 1
  • Governor attendance 2016/17 (as of 19/09/2016) 8/9 full Governing Body meetings & 2/2 Finance Board meetings
  • Register of interests: Trustee of 'You're Hired' Plymouth Charity


I have been a Parent Governor for about 6 years, currently in the role of Chair of the Governing Body. My involvement started through my son joining Widey Court and I was looking to put something back into the school. I have seen many changes at the school and I believe that we are a lot stronger now. We have better facilities for our children and teaching methods and range of opportunities to learn are far greater than ever seen before. We have very robust pupil assessments in place that ensure all children are meeting their targets and, where they are not, plans are put in place to bring them back on target. As Governors it is our duty to ensure that the school is doing all it can to improve the education of our children ensuring that when they move on to their next school they are well prepared.

Away from the school I am a divisional manager for Atkins which is a global engineering company with an office in Plymouth. We specialise globally in railway signalling and communication systems and as such I regularly travel around the world. However this does not stop me staying involved in my governor duties and last year I attended a governor meeting from a Portacabin in the desert of Saudi Arabia via Skype. When back in Plymouth I am a huge Plymouth Argyle supporter and go to all the home games with my son. On Sundays I help out with coaching/managing at Devonport Dragons junior hockey club where my son and daughter both play.

Mrs D Rowe, Vice Chairperson 

  • Co-opted by governing body, 16.09.2016 - 15.09.2020
  • Chairs Full Governing Body meetings in Chairperson's absence
  • Responsibility for Special Educational Needs, Safeguarding & School Improvement Plan & Finance
  • Year group responsibility, Year 6
  • Governor attendance 2016-17 (as of 16/09/2016) 8/9 full Governing Body meetings; 
  • Register of interests: none


I have lived in Crownhill for 17 years. When my first child started their educational experience at Widey Court in September 2007, I had an interest to support, not only my child’s learning, but the learning of all. I became a Parent Governor in December 2008. In September 2014 I became Vice Chair to the Governing Body. Having seen both of my children successfully through all their years at Widey Court, I was originally selected as a Trust Governor in September 2015 and from September 2016 continue my Vice Chair role as a Co-opted Governor

In my professional life I am a Careers and Personal Adviser, supporting Young People into Education, Employment and Training. I support students of all backgrounds and need. This has also given me a good understanding of the SEND process.
It is a privilege being able to serve well motivated and eager to learn pupils. The enthusiasm and commitment of the teachers, the teaching assistants, support staff, parents & guardians and of course, the children, help make it a pleasure to volunteer help, where possible, with the running of the school.

Mrs M Dawes, 2nd Chairperson

  • Elected Parent governor 20/06/2013 - 19/06/2017

  • Chairs Full Governing Body meetings in other chair's absence

  • Responsibility for Special Educational Needs, Safeguarding & School Improvement Plan

  • Year group responsibility, EYFS

  • Governor attendance 2016/17 (as of 16/09/16) 9/9 full Governing Body meetings

  • Register of interest: casual employment at Widey Court School.


I have worked in the voluntary role of Parent Governor at Widey Court since May 2013, having been inspired to apply for the post after seeing how my children, as new Service Pupils, were embraced by the school. I wanted to give something back and was impressed by Widey’s willingness to target the Service Pupil Premium to support children affected by the challenges of their parents’ service to society; an approach which has earned the school national recognition and continues to see members of staff called upon to advise other schools on how to do such a great job.

I help to run the Keeping in Touch (KIT) Club for Service pupils at Widey, enjoy the opportunity to assist in bringing various forms of Service support and funding to the school (which then benefits the entire school community) and have been Chair of the Curriculum Committee. Currently, I share the roles of Safeguarding and SEN Governor, which are critical and ever-changing areas and provide opportunities to work with a range of Widey’s valued members of staff.

As a parent, being connected to education by my previous work as an English teacher and being an active member of Plymouth’s Service community provides me with good awareness as a Widey governor. I therefore value the opportunity to help ensure Widey Court Primary School offers each of its amazing pupils, and their families, the best possible experience of primary education.

          Mr M Carter

  • Co-opted by governing body as a Business governor 03/10/2013 - 02/10/2017
  • Responsibility for Maths & English (shared)
  • Year group responsibility for Year 4
  • Governor attendance 2016/17 (as of 16/09/2016) 8/9 Full Governing Body meetings
  • Register of interest: married to member of school staff


Born in St Budeaux in 1960 and educated at Southway Junior/Comprehensive schools with further education at Plymouth College of Further Education. I Spent 14 years as a Quantity Surveyor until 1993 when I became employed at the Child Support Agency.
I have seen both of my daughters very successfully move through Widey Court School, the eldest has completed her Degree course and my youngest is currently at university.

I have been a Governor at Widey for about 14 years, starting as a Parent Governor and a Community Governor and now Co-opted. I have previously been Chair of Governors and Chair of the Buildings Sub-Committee.

The key issues for me at the moment are the political agenda that we have to work under, regardless of the political party in Government and the financial constraints placed upon us by them. Both of these issues have a direct bearing on the quality of education at Widey, and all schools, so it is part of my role to ensure that we achieve the best possible funding and we achieve value for money in its expenditure.

The role of the Governor can be time consuming, frustrating, challenging but more than anything, interesting and immensely rewarding to know that I can have a positive impact on the education and social inclusion of all the pupils at the school.

Mrs A Lawrence

  • Co-opted by Governing Body as IT governor - 25/09/2013 until 24/009/2017
  • Responsibility for Pupil Premium (shared)
  • Year group responsibility for Year 3
  • Governor attendance (as of 16/09/2016) 8/9 full Governing Body meetings & 2 Finance Board meetings
  • Register Of Interest: member of staff


It has been my pleasure to have been employed at Widey Court since 2001 in an IT capacity. I have worked with all year groups over the years and experienced many changes to the computing curriculum which is the area I have been involved with. The school's IT infrastructure has also undergone significant improvements, from the era of one very small room in which 14 desktops were shared between 28 children to a purpose built 'Davis' suite capable of hosting a class of 30.

Devices such as tablets and laptops introduced into daily school life present opportunities and challenges associated with the evolving curriculum and the budget constraints upon the school.

Previously as a governor of both the buildings and finance committee I have been able to see the impact and effects of the decisions made by the government, staff and governing body to the life of the school.

             Mrs V Clarke

  • Co-opted by governing body as a Pastoral Care governor 29/11/2016 

  • Responsibility for EYFS

  • Year group responsibility for Year 5

  • Governor attendance (as of 16/09/2016) 6/9 Full Governing Body meetings

  • Register of interest: casual member of school staff


I was a Community governor for 6 years and am now in my second year as a Pastoral Care governor.

I first became involved with the school as a governor when my grandchild started at Widey Court and I began hearing children read and generally helping in classes.

Now I manage the 'Walking Bus' every morning, escorting children from the British Legion club into school as well as covering play leader duties on an occasional basis. I find being a governor very rewarding, particularly when decisions made for future planning materialise and help improve the children's experience at Widey Court School.

 Mr S Nicholls, Headteacher

  • A member of the governing body of virtue of position,  September 2013 onwards
  • Sits on all committees
  • Governor attendance 2016-17 (as of 16.09.2016) 9/9 full Governing Body meetings & 2/2 Finance Board meetings
  • Register of Interests: Director of a Pre. School & Governor at another school


Mr B Sullivan

  • Parent Governor - Elected by Parents - 28/09/2017 - 14/6/2021 
  • Responsibility for English (Shared)
  • Year group responsibility for Year 6
  • Governor attendance (as of 28/09/2017) 1 Full Governing Body meeting
  • Register of interest: 


Mr J Thomas

  • Parent Governor - Elected by Parents - 28/09/2017 - 14/6/2021 
  • Responsibility for 
  • Year group responsibility for Year 4
  • Governor attendance (as of 28/09/2017) 1 Full Governing Body meeting
  • Register of interest:

Mrs J McDonald - Clerk

Commenced July 2015

Retired Governors


Governors who have served on Widey Court’s Governing Body in the last twelve months are:


Mrs S Allen -  0/09/2013  to 11/09.2017 Attendance (as of 16/09/2016) attended 7/9 Full Governing Board meetings

Dr P Gillen  -  04/11/2015 to 24/04/2017 Attendance (as of 16/09/2016) attended 2/7 Full Governing Board meetings